QuickBooks general shortcuts



Copy check transaction in register

Ctrl + O

Create invoice

Ctrl + I

Delete check, invoice, transaction, or item from list

Ctrl + D

Find transaction

Ctrl + F

Go to register of transfer account

Ctrl + G

History of A/R or A/P transaction

Ctrl + H

Memorize transaction or report

Ctrl + M

New invoice, bill, check or list item in context

Ctrl + N

Open account list

Ctrl + A

Open Customer Center (Customers & Jobs list)

Ctrl + J

Open Help for active window


Open list (for current drop-down menu)

Ctrl + L

Open memorized transaction list

Ctrl + T

Open split transaction window in register

Ctrl + R

Open transaction journal

Ctrl + Y

Paste copied transaction in register

Ctrl + V


Ctrl + P

QuickReport on transaction or list item

Ctrl + Q

QuickZoom on report


Show list

Ctrl + S

Use list item

Ctrl + U

Write new check

Ctrl + W

QuickBooks Shortcuts

QuickBooks Shortcuts

General keyboard shortcuts

As a QuickBooks user, we can do all the required things to get our accounting operations going. QuickBooks already has graphical user interfaces to guide it’s users thoroughly. However, there are some shortcuts which can make our tasks very easy and convenient. If we know them all, we can just navigate different options and windows in just a pressing single key.


Here goes the life saving tips for QuickBooks users:


1- Do you wanna bring Chart of Accounts with just a single key? If yes,

Press “Control + A”


2- Do you wanna bring Find Transactions window

Press “Control + F”


3- Do you wanna brings you a quick report of transactions for each item in a list you have highlighted (sale item, customer, vendor, etc.)?

Press “Control + Q”


4- Do you wanna close QuickBooks program with a snap?

Press “Alt + F4”


5- Do you wanna bring Memorize Transaction option?

Press “Control + M”


6- Do you wanna delete a single line?

Press “Control + Delete Key”


7- Do you wanna displays list for a field?

Press “Alt + Down Arrow Key”


8- Do you wanna edit a transaction?

Press “Control + E”


9- Do you wanna creates a customer invoice?

Press “Control + I”


10- Do you wanna open Write Checks window?

Press “Control + W”

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